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    1. VCRMEll2D

    VCRM-ExperimentVCRMEll2D is the first realization of the Vectorial Complex Ray Model - VCRM developed by the author. By introducing the property of the Wavefront in the geometrical optics model, the VCRM can calculate very precisely the interaction of a wave of any form with a object of smooth surface and size much larger than the wavelength of the incident beam.
    VCRMEll2D is designed to predict the scattering of a plane wave by an ellipsoid in the plane of symmetry. With this software, we can follow step by step the path of rays in a particle and to check the variation of the curvature radii of the wavefront by the divergence / convergence on the particle surface. It also allows to calculate the scattering diagrams  in all directions.
    The scattering diagram ccalculated by the VCRM is compared in this figure with a experimental result.
    Download the software from here. The zip file containing executable and parameter files. 
    The manual is here. A poster to understand the model.
    The original version of the software is licenced under n°IDDN.FR.001.130023.000.R.P.2014.000.30000

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    2. ABSPhere

    ABSphere is based on the rigorous theory to calculate various physical quantities in the interaction of a light beam with a homogeneous spherical particle or with a concentric layered refractive index gradient. The user-friendly interface facilitates the usagee of the software and the interpretation of results.
    ABSphere allows to calculate: (1) scattering diagrams, (2) radiation pressure (force) and torque exerted by a beam of light on the particle, (3). internal and external electromagnetic fields, (4). extinction, scattering and absorption sections. The forms of the beam considered in ABSphere: (1) circular Gaussian beam. (2) elliptical Gaussian beam. (3) Dungnut beam of 4 different polarizations, (4). Bessel beam (5). Any form of a beam defined by the beam shape provided by the user with a file.
    Download the software from here and the manual is here
    The original version of the software is licenced under  n°IDDN.FR.001.130022.000.R.P.2014.000.30000

    You can read the elated publications:

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