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Advanced Methods for Optical Characterization of Complex Particle Systems

The project deals with optical properties of droplets and particles of “complex” shapes, and whose sizes are beyond a few visible light wavelengths. In this domain, rigorous theories and existing numerical methods cannot be applied to accurately describe light scattering phenomena. We propose a new methodology to calculate the interaction of light with such objects, in parallel to a series of experimental tests for validation. The project includes novel applications in optical metrology, and in optical trapping and manipulation of non spherical particles.

Our main ambitions:

  • Development of a novel Ray Theory of Wave (RTW),
  • Theoretical and experimental validation of RTW;
  • Applications of TRW in the characterization of complex particle system,
  • Application of TRW to optical metrology of sprays and bubbly flows;
  • Prediction of radiation pressure forces and torques for complex particles,
  • Manipulation and trapping of non-spherical particles.