Centre de Recherche Paul Pascal, CNRS, Bordeaux

Paul-Pascal Research Center (CRPP) is a multidisciplinary CNRS laboratory with an international outlook and close ties to Bordeaux1 university. Research programs of CRPP pertain to chemical physics of condensed matter, with both academic and applicative goals. The main field is soft matter chemistry and physics, and several projects are aimed at elaborating advanced materials built from colloids, complex fluids and self-assembled structures. The research staff is multidisciplinary, ranging from chemical synthesis to theoretical physics, through materials engineering, biotechnologies, magnetism, plasmonics and non linear optics. 

CRPP is currently a member of two Clusters of Excellence, namely AMADEus (functional materials) and LaPhIA (lasers and photonics), and heads the European Metachem project on Metamaterials in visible light. The research team involved in this application is a member of Comploids European network, dedicated to physics of complex colloids. The team currently studies properties of elongated particles at interfaces and in bulk complex fluids, using laser manipulation and dynamometry.