News & Events

New pubications:

  1. First experimental valication of VCRM (June 2015) published in Opt. Exp.
  2. Numerical validation of VCRM (Dec. 2014) published in JQRST.
  3. EPJ E Highlight - Optical manipulation of particles of all shapes and sizes (Jan. 2015)

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Meetings (click here for the presentations):

1. Start meeting (Evry,Paris, 13 Dec. 2013).

  • Program of the meeting and review
  • Presentation of the project
  • Presentations of the partners: CORIA, IUSTI, CRPP, LMFA​

2. First meeting (CORIA, Rouen 15 May 2014):

  • Meeting program and organisation of the project 
  • Presentations: CORIA, IUSTI, CRPP, LMFA​

​3. Second meeting (LMFA, Lyon 20 Nov. 2014)

  • Progress of the project 
  • Presentations: CORIA, IUSTI, CRPP, LMFA​

4. Third meeting (CRPP, Bordeau, 16 April 2015)

* The reports and presentations in the meetings are only available for authorized people