UMR 7343 CNRS, Aix-Marseille Université

IUSTI is a mechanical-engineering lab (about 110 full staff) from CNRS and Aix-Marseille University.  Basically, the lab has three main research axes: fluid flows, multiphase and granular flows, heat-and mass transfers; and two approaches: numerical calculations (CFD) and experimental diagnostics. These research activities have found applications in many fields, ranging from Energy and Transport, Aeronautics and Space, Materials, Environment, etc. The research team involved in the present project (DOMM) has a well-recognized experience in the development of innovative optical particle sizing methods and light scattering models, to characterize particles and particle systems encountered in mechanical-engineering and physical problems (see§ 5.2.2). Its expertise in these fields is attested by publications in both optical and multiphase flows or fluid flows journals, patents and various contracts with companies. DOMM is a member of the Imaging and Diagnostics group of the Carnot Institute STAR and of the “laboratory of excellence” on Mechanics and Complexity (MEC). Over the years, this team has been involved in various academic and international projects (Euratom, EFDA, ITER,…), and in industrial projects (Arkema, CILAS, CERSA,…) where the characterization of complex particle systems (from the nano to micro scales) is a key problem.  In AMO-COPS project, this group will mostly contribute to the modeling (wave-optics, electromagnetic, instrument responses) and experimental validations related to multiphase flows (droplets, bubbles) and jets.