Full professor

He has published 82 papers in the scientific journals and 94 communications in national and international conferences.  He has developed 6 scientific softwares in his research fields and given more than 20 invited conferences in the universities and research laboratories all around the world. He is interested in both theoretical and experimental research.

Theoretical research:

  1. Theories of Light Scattering by Small Particles, especially in the scattering of shaped beam by a sphere, a spheroid or a cylinder;

  2. Extension of geometrical optics to object of complex form by taking into account the effects of interference, divergence and diffraction;

  3. Theoretical prediction of radiation pressures, torques and tension exerted on a sphere or a spheroid by an arbitrarily shaped laser beam.

Experimental research:

  • Extinction spectrometry and applications to the measurement of wet steam, soot/aggregate particles ...

  • Particle imaging and its applications in shadow Doppler velocimetry, Glare Spot Phase Doppler Anemometry, numerical holography ...

  • Refractometry of rainbow and the applications in the study of liquid jet instability, measurement of the optical or metal fiber,

  • Phase Doppler, LDV ...


For more information about his publication, research activities and teaching work, see his personal page:


tél: 02 32 95 37 43

email: fang.ren@coria.fr